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FAQ Movable Textile Canopy

Does the MTC have fixed dimensions?

Our lightweight MTC consists of a universal, modular aluminum basic structure. This structure can be supplied in any size. According to customer requirements, it can be fitted with a floor, roof, sunscreens and walls. In other words, it is a movable canopy solution that can be custom made to meet your exact needs.

Can the MTC be erected on any surface?

The best type of foundation to use depends on the type of ground at the site. It also depends largely on whether the MTC is to be used temporarily or permanently. We will discuss the options with you to come up with the appropriate solution for the specific situation.

How do you decide what kind of fabrics to install in the MTC profiles?

The choice of fabric is up to the user and will depend entirely on the MTC’s intended purpose and any requirements. Densely-woven sailcloth, mesh fabric, transparent ETFE sheeting or a full-color printed solution. There is a vast range of options, many examples of which can be found on our website. The choice is entirely up to you!

Can MTCs be linked together?

Yes, they can. Joining several MTC profile systems together creates a large structure whose all walls and roof sections can be individually configured using various types of cloths and membranes. It is also possible to combine full-color printed cloths with contrasting color-coated profiles. The sky is the limit!

Can we erect the MTC ourselves or do we need to call in a contractor?

Basically, we conceived and developed the MTC as a plug-and-play system that can be assembled and dismantled by the customer or the customer’s own staff. Of course, we would be able to assist you by supervising the assembly. Alternatively, our team can take care of the whole assembly and/or disassembly for you.

Is possible to purchase the MTC aluminum frame only?

If you wish to manage the finishing of the MTC yourself, you can do so, but would still recommend using our specifically developed solutions for the wall and roof sections. With a view to the total service life of the MTC, it would certainly be wise to use our balanced and extensively tested components.

Can an MTC module be added later on?

Yes, of course! That is one of the great benefits of our modular system. If you wish to extend the floor area of your MTC at a later stage, you can easily do so. Once you have the altered floor plan, we can help work out the additional elements and supply them as required.

How exactly do you decide which foundation to use for the MTC?

As shown on our website, there are many foundation options available. On the one hand, this depends on the type of ground at the site and, on the other hand, on how long the MTC is to remain in place, and whether it is intended to be temporary or permanent. We can advise you and provide support during construction. We have a solution for every conceivable combination of factors.

Is there an electrically powered version of the Concertina Shade system?

This flexible Concertina Sunscreen system, which uses shade cloths, can be opened and closed along guide rails mounted on the aluminum profile. There are manual or electrically operated options depending on your requirements.

Can the MTC be used as a demonstration unit for an advertising campaign?

The outer shell of the MTC can be used for advertising by combining the color scheme of the fabrics and frame with customized full-color printing. At an extra cost, you can choose a print on which we can give a 10-year color guarantee.


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