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Professional made-to-measure shade cloth systems

Robust and made to measure

Buitink Technology designs and manufactures customized shade cloth systems. Our made-to-measure sunscreens and shade cloths provide sun protection solutions in commercial applications where standard products fall short.

Our shade cloth systems fold in or out like a concertina and are constructed using fabric, stainless steel cables, aluminum tubes, pull cords and pulleys.

If you are happy with a standard solution offering a limited service life, then we are not the company you’re looking for. If, however, you need a robust, high-quality shade cloth system that is tailor-made to suit your business requirements, and wholly manufactured in the Netherlands, then you’ve come to exactly the right place.

Shade Cloth materials

For our commercial Shade Cloth systems, we use high-quality sunscreen materials from European manufacturers such as Serge Ferrari.

We can produce shade cloth systems in mesh fabrics that provide sun protection and UV resistance while offering a very long service life.

Examples of sunlight-reflecting mesh sheets can be found on our website:

Frontside View 381

Soltis Horizon 86

Soltis Perform 92

In certain cases, is also possible to fit non-porous, waterproof fabric. You can find information about this type of cloth on our website:

Soltis Proof 502

Shade cloth system with automated control

Complete package: including structural elements

In addition to the sunscreen fabrics, we supply the whole system comprising stainless steel cables, pulleys, guide rails, pull cords and tubes.

The shade cloth system comes as a ready to assemble kit that you can install yourself. We can of course carry out or supervise the whole assembly process for you.


Advantages and features of a Buitink Technology Shade Cloth System:

  • Made to measure at our factory in the Netherlands.
  • Can be made in virtually any shape or size.
  • A solution for almost any situation.
  • Robust and produced using premium quality materials.
  • Materials of 100% European manufacture.
  • Wide range of fabrics and colors.
  • For permanent use.
Assembly and interior view of the shade screen system

Example of shade system engineering

Below is a technical drawing of a made-to-measure shade cloth system for a business application for which there no standard solution existed.

shade system engineering

FAQ Shade Cloth Systems

Can the Shade Cloth system be used in all weathers?

The entire mounting system and assembly, including the fabrics, are designed to withstand heavy weather loads all year round. To ensure optimum service life, the system must be closed in strong winds or storms and extreme weather conditions (e.g. snow).

In what sizes is the Shadow Cloth system available?

Buitink Technology specializes in the manufacture of professional made-to-measure systems, so in principle we can produce a solution for any situation. Our experienced engineering team can work out all the details from concept to final design according to your specific requirements.

Can your professional shade screen system be installed in private homes too?

As our systems are mainly intended for covering large areas, they are usually bought by business customers running hospitality venues, offices, vacation parks, etc.

Can several different types of fabric be used in each Shade Cloth system?

A Shade Cloth system is usually made up of several segments. In principle, each segment could comprise a different type of fabric. You can find our range of fabrics on our website.

How is the Shade Cloth system operated?

This will depend on your requirements and the size of the system. The options range from manual to remote-controlled or fully automatic operation. After installation, our installation team will provide you with full instructions on how to use the control system selected.

What kind of maintenance will the Shade Cloth system require?

We offer an inspection and maintenance contract, including the option of a ten-year guarantee on all projects that we realize. Should you wish to take care of the maintenance and cleaning of the Shade Cloth yourself, we will provide you with comprehensive advice and instructions on how to do so during the project handover.


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