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Huge tents for well-known companies

Buitink Technology produced a mega size stretch tent (free form tent) for a show of Lacoste in Paris. It's a huge tent with a size of 55x22 meter! The total surface of the flex canvas is about 1,100 sqm.

The free form tent with sloping shapes is manufactured from white stretch canvas (Buitink flex fabric). It can be perfectly illuminated.

Hanging flex tent

To create an open space in the tent (no obstacles) for the catwalk, a free hanging construction is applied. The stretch canvas is fixed at the outside while the roof is free hanging, tensed with so called "high points".

In this way a beautiful 3D shaped and completely translucent covered space is created. No inside construction obstacles are present.

Project data

Surface area fabric:   Circa 1.100 m2
Material: Buitink flex fabric
Client: Lacoste
Design: Bureau Betak
Location: Jardin des Tuileries, Parijs
Client Buitink: Highpoint Structures
Flex tent: Buitink Technology

Construction and connection stretch tent

Using a pulley system with winches the membrane can be lifted and tensioned easily. A very fast erection and dismantling procedure of the tent is achieved.


Sizing, pattern classification, fasten points and -tools:



EngineeringEngineering stretchtent

Location stretch tent

Jardin des Tuileries is one of the most visited parcs in Paris due to it's central location between Louvre and Place de la Concorde.


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