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Flextents - free form tents

100% manufactured in Europe

Buitink Technology's flex tents/stretch tents are produced entirely in-house; in Europe, that is!

Stretch fabric produced in Europe

The stretch fabric we use to produce our flex tents is also manufactured in Europe. It is a high-quality tent fabric consisting of four main layers: a fungicidal and water-repellent bottom layer, a strong polyester knit, an elastic waterproof layer and a layer that protects against UV light and other weather influences.

The stretch fabric is flame-retardant and complies with M2 (NFP 92-507) and B1 (DIN 4102-1) classifications.

High quality tent fabric
Figure 3: Composition and specifications of stretch fabric

Professional use of our sewing machines

Photos above: Our sewing machines in use in a lowered space in the floor.

Quality assurance

Not only do we use materials of the highest quality, but we have also implemented a comprehensive quality assurance system for the production of flex tents.

This system includes the following elements:

  • It records from which rolls of cloth, from which supplier, with corresponding production batches, a flextent is produced;
  • It records which employee(s) worked on a tent, at what time and for how long;
  • During the production process, photographs are taken of the progress, any deviations and packaging;
  • Regular checks and tensile tests are carried out on the input material and stitching and welding seams.

Photos above: HF Welding machine 20 kW in operation

Machining machines in-house

At Buitink Technology, we have in-house access to virtually all welding and joining techniques for sailcloth, foils and technical textiles.

Machinery and equipment

Photos above: HF Welding machines 20 kW in use

Testing equipment in-house

We have our own testing equipment, such as tensile testing benches:

Pull and push test facility 300kN

Buitink Technology has a 300kN universal testing machine that can be used to conduct compression, flexural and tensile tests up to 30,000 kg (30 tonnes).

Pull and pressure facility 2.5 kN

Buitink Technology has a pull and push bench that can pull or push up to 2.5 kN / 250 kg and is therefore very accurate in the low force range.

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