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Air flextent Ville de Melle

Buitink Technology made and delivered the stretch tent for the roof of the outdoor stage in the center of Ville de Melle. The roof made of "flexible canvas" protects against rain, sunshine and wind during "open air" shows.

The stretch tent for Ville de Melle has a special design that respects the historical character of the small city.

Unique flex tent suspension

The flex tent canopy is technically unique through its large free span underneath the roof of the tent. This is realized by creating several fixing points in the middle of the membrane. The flex-canvas is hanging, fixed from above in the support structure. A unique concept for flex tents!

Strength calculations flex tent

Strength calculations cover the full flex tent including support construction (ropes etc.) and are based on local legislation and norms. Erection and dismantling takes less than an hour.Krachtberekening flextent

Engineering flex tent

Engineering flextent

Project data

Surface area: About 90 m2 (8 x 11 meter)
Buitink flex fabric
Client: Ville de Melle
Design: Highpoint Structures
Location: Ville de Melle, France
Client for Buitink:           
Highpoint Structures
Flex tent: Buitink Technology
Year of construction: 2019



Melle, France

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