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Air cushion roof for stages MDNA Tour 2012

In cooperation with and contracted by European Future Structures NV (Veldeman Goup) Buitink Technology has realized inflatable cushions as part of the roof structure of the four stages for the MDNA (Madonna) Tour in 2012. The inflatable roof structure was a combined development of the involved parties.
Main contractor Stageco Belgium NV has a strong worldwide reputation in stage building and organization of tours and events.

One stage roof has a surface of approximately 1.100 sqm and consists of 11 separate cushions. Some of them have a size of 7x25 m! The cushions are filled with air and kept under pressure by means of a blower system, connected to the cushion-system with a plug-in connection system.

The MDNA Tour required totally four stages, for which Buitink Technology produced and delivered4.400 sqm of cushions.  The whole project was realized from design till delivery in no more than three months time, thanks to a smooth cooperation between the involved parties!

Why an inflatable roof system

The choice for an inflatable roof system was made for several reasons. One of the reasons was simplicity of the erection; the cushions are slided into aluminum shotgun profiles mounted on the roof structure. The principle of this system is illustrated in a movie.

Another reason was that the roof had be virtually invisible for the audience. It's main purpose was  protection against the weather, controlled draining of rain water and a stable construction. Inflatable cushions for this application was the best choice.

Project data

Main contractor: Stageco Belgium N.V.
Client: European Future Structures NV (Veldeman Group)
Air cushions with air system: Buitink Technology
Engineering cushions: Tentech BV
Year of implementation: 2012

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