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Queue shelter FAQ

Can the queue shelter be easily installed anywhere?

The construction is so designed that it can be easily installed without extensive groundwork. This takes account of the existing situation, which is left intact as far as possible. In most cases, the construction can also be integrated into the existing fence pattern that defines the queue routing.

Can the queue shelter be delivered in color?

The different awnings that can be chosen are available in various colors. It is also possible to have the awnings printed in full color with creative patterns or sponsor’s slogans.

Is the queue shelter storm-proof?

It is a semi-permanent canopy, which means that we recommend that you temporarily remove the awnings during the winter months or in the event of weather warnings. This is to extend the life of the awnings and to prevent them tearing due, for example, to heavy snow or wind pressure.

We need a shelter for an unusual configuration. Is that possible?

Our queue shelter system is modular and can be expanded. This means that we can devise and implement a solution for almost any scenario.

Does the construction lend itself to attaching other things, such as lighting?

Components such as loudspeakers, lighting, video screens or routing signs can easily be mounted on the structure. We can add mounting elements to the frames in advance, but it is also easy to attach things afterwards.

Are there maximum dimensions for the dry walkway canopy?

Because it is a modular system, the components can theoretically be linked together endlessly. The limitation for the dimensions of the dry walkway or queue shelter is therefore certainly not in our product, but in the maximum space available.

Can side panels be fitted as well?

For protection against wind and rain, it is also pleasant to be able to close off the side panels of the queue shelter. The profile system includes the option to do this and to install awnings that provide protection from side winds and blowing rain. These awnings can also be supplied in color or with full-color printing.

Is it possible to assemble the queue shelter oneself?

For deliveries abroad and in situations where the customer chooses to carry out the assembly himself, we accompany the system with assembly instructions, including a comprehensive step-by-step plan.

Varying the height of the awnings seems to us a very nice option. Is that possible?

Because the queue shelter is a standardized, made-to-measure product, it can be built and tailored entirely to your requirements. The queue surface area, the height, the color, the type of fabric - everything can be chosen and built individually without charging a custom price.

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