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Foundation and anchoring

Depending on your situation and wishes, we determine the right type of foundation for the queue shelter in consultation with you.

Various types of foundation and anchoring methods are available. Some examples of suitable foundations for the Buitink Technology queue shelter are given below.

1. Pegs / stakes

A queue shelter can be anchored to the ground using pegs or stakes. The queue shelter is fitted with footplates incorporating recesses through which the anchor pegs can be driven into the ground. This can be done manually or with the use of a pile-driver.

Anchoring with pegs/stakes is a fast, simple method that is mainly suitable for use on unpaved surfaces (grass, woodland and other natural surfaces).

2. Chemical anchors

When a concrete base or floor is already in place, a foundation can be created using drilled chemical anchors.

3. Concrete, cast-in-situ anchors

If you opt for a more permanent setup for the queue shelter or dry walkway, the foundation can be made of concrete. In that case, basket anchors with threaded ends are cast into the concrete foundations under the shelter’s uprights.

4. Ballast / Stelcon plates

If there is no possibility to drive into the ground - for example, on asphalt or where many underground pipes and cables are present, and their location is unsure -


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