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European-made materials

Fabrics / membranes

Depending on your requirements, we select a suitable fabric for you, from which we manufacture the sun and/or rain-resistant membranes. We only use high-quality materials of European manufacture. Materials that have proven themselves over decades to be perfectly suited to this type of application.

Click on the following links to see examples of the many different materials we offer:

1. Densely-woven canvas

Soltis Proof 502

2. Mesh fabric (provides protection from wind and sun, blocks direct rainfall)

Frontside View 381

Soltis Horizon 86

Soltis Perform 92


The sun- and rainproof fabrics can also be partly or completely furnished with a (full color) print, so that your canopy completely matches the surroundings and your taste!

Examples of full color printing

Examples of projects in which membranes and fabrics have been printed in full color:


The construction of the Buitink queue shelter consists of aluminum girders and uprights. The construction can be coated or anodized in any desired color. This makes the structure light in weight and corrosion-resistant!

The aluminum uprights and girders are joined together with steel connectors. The footplates on which the queue shelter stands are also made of steel (hot-dip galvanized as standard).

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