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Art installation EYE

The EYE is an art installation to give each visitor individually a glance over the city as well as a theatrical experience.

Buitink Technology developed the inflatable eye made of full color printed film for the art installation EYE. Buitink Technology provided her knowledge of welding and structural properties of films. Buitink Technology supplied also the air equipment to maintain the correct pressure in the eye.

How does it work?

The visitor takes place on a movable chair mounted on a rail system. The visitor is moved  through the window opening and placed between the building and the inflatable EYE.

Construction of the installation

Art installation EYE consists mainly of three parts: the inflatable eye, a pupil and the chair system. The EYE is an inflatable lens with approximately 4 m diameter. The EYE is inflatable to keep the total weight of the installation as low as possible.

The pupil is based on the technique of polarizing films, transparent only for light in one  wave direction. When two polarizing films are crossed and placed behind each other, no light passes and the films get opaque.

The EYE is mounted on a metal frame which is a stand alone object. Within this metal frame the movable chair system is placed.

Who designed the installation?

Pascal Leboucq is the designer of the project, in cooperation with Van Krieken, Buitink Technology, Canon and Kleefkracht.

Project data

Diameter EYE: Approx. 4 m
Material: Full color printed transparent film
Client: Stichting Nieuwe Helden
Design: Pascal Leboucq
Inflatable eye: Buitink Technology
Year of implementation: 2014

Testing foil

To test the frame, the film and the air pump we did a test with the installation. Watch the movie and experience the huge amount of stretch the film can handle!

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