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Large flexible flood hoses

An important product in our supply programme in the field of water control are the flexible flood hoses we develop and make.

We make in-house flood hoses that are lightweight (and can be moved and laid out with one person) and also have an integrated coupling system, which is flexible and ultra-lightweight.

Buitink Floodhose HD12

A flood hose we have been making for more than 20 years is the Buitink Floodhose HD12. The weight of the Buitink Floodhose HD12 is approximately 1.6 kg/ metre (1.08 lbs/ ft).

As standard, we make the Floodhose HD12 in 10 and 20 metre lengths, but other lengths are also possible.

Buitink Floodhose HD12

Material specifications

Material specifications

Coupling flood hoses

Coupling and uncoupling the Buitink flooding hoses is easy and can be done by one to two people without any tools.

Connect to pump

To connect the hose to a (standard third-party) pump, we supply connections, which also increase from 10 to 12 inches in diameter, for example.

Connection piece flood hose

End piece / outlet flood hose

An outlet supplied by us is often connected to the outlet side of Buitink's HD12 Floodhose. This prevents the end of the hose from rattling and getting damaged.

End piece flood hose

Packaging and transport

The HD12 flood hose is very compact to fold or roll up. In a 120x80x110 cm box/box, as many as 16 hoses of 10 metres length (including couplings!) can be packed. The weight of a full box of 16 hoses is only 278 kg (about 1.7 kg per metre of hose).

Flood hose packages

Protection on rough surfaces

In situations involving very rough ground (e.g. rocks or sharp stones), the standard HD12 Floodhose will not always be fully adequate and may leak. Incidentally, an HD12 Floodhose will leak in case of a hole (puncture) but will not tear further or so on.

As protection against rough, sharp surfaces, we can supply demountable protective covers made of aramid fabric. These can then be fitted around the hoses (or laid underneath them) in places where the surface is too rough.

Protective cover flood hose

Flood hose in use

The operation of the (blue) hoses developed and made by us can also be seen in the following video on youtube:

Watch movie


Because we develop and make the hoses in-house, we can also offer customised solutions.
Our standard Floodhose HD12 has a maximum working pressure of 2 bar. Not only can we supply larger diameters, but it is also possible to make a hose with a higher working pressure.

We can also make hoses with an aramid fabric, for example, for extra strength and puncture resistance. Or we can select a material with special properties, such as in terms of chemical resistance or anti-static properties.

We can also combine our developed couplings, connectors and outlets with existing hoses on the market. Often, these hoses are sold without end fittings on the roll, to which we then make the desired couplings and outlets. This can be seen in the photos below, where the dark blue parts are a standard PVC hose from Kuriyama and the light blue parts have been added by us.


Because Buitink Technology produces flood hoses in-house, we are able to design and also make specials.

An example of an idea from one of our customers, which we then technically developed and realised, is an overrideable hose system.


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