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FAQ flexible dam

In what situations can I use the Buitink Flexible Water Dam?

This dam is truly multi-purpose, because on the one hand objects and buildings can easily be protected against high water and on the other hand water can be diverted to places where less damage occurs. In addition, the dam is suitable for creating high water in a stream or river, making it easier for fire-fighting services to pump (extinguishing) water.

Is a flat surface required to use the Buitink Flexible Water Dam?

Because the dam is made of highly flexible and robust material, it automatically follows the shape of the surface on which it is deployed. This can vary from tight asphalt to a bumpy riverbed and from a grassy field to a stony ground. The dam always adapts to it.

In what lengths is the Buitink Flexible Water Dam available?

The dam has a European standard length of 10 metres and is infinitely extendable to very long lengths thanks to a clever and watertight coupling system. For example, to build completely around a building or situation.

Up to what water heights can the Buitink Flexible Water Dam be used?

We have 3 standard sizes in our range namely, 35cm, 50cm and 70cm. But because we produce in-house, we can also produce other heights quite easily on request if somewhat larger quantities are involved. Specific customisation for projects is therefore also possible.

Do I need any other items to install the Buitink Flexible Water Dam?

Our dam is weighted at the bottom with metal plates so that it sinks to the bottom as soon as it enters the water. Additional weights or locally available stones from the riverbed can be used for extra fixation.

Does the Buitink Flexible Water Dam rise on its own after installation?

Once the dam is laid down in the correct direction of flow, the dam will flip open and begin to collect water. To assist this process, a clever innovative fibreglass support bracket has been incorporated to help the dam move into position more quickly.

Do you also provide practical training to learn how to work with this Buitink Flexible Water Dam?

Yes, we can provide on-site training and demonstrations to learn how to work with the dam so that it can be deployed quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency. We prefer to do this with larger groups so that we can educate and train several people at the same time.

Can you easily catch oil or dirt floating on the water with the Buitink Flexible Water Dam?

Both oil and dirt, such as plastics for example, float on top of the water and are caught by the current in the dam. Because there are smart valves at the back of the dam, the clean water can pass through that back of the dam while the dirt stays behind. The valves can be easily opened and closed via Velcro closure.

In anticipation of high water, can the Buitink Flexible Water Dam be prepositioned?

When there is a chance of high water, you can protect and prepare a building or site in advance by moving the dam into position. As long as no water has yet been captured by the dam, it is a completely flat system. You can then still walk or carefully drive over it with vehicles.

Can you keep the water level for the Buitink Flexible Water Dam at controlled levels?

Once the dam rises and fills with water, the water level will rise to the maximum height of the dam. By opening the valves at the back of the dam, you can allow water to leak out until the level at the front is restored. In this way, hot water level can be tuned.


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