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Composite ramps

Besides flexible materials like (PVC) coated fabric, Buitink Technology also develops and produces applications in composite materials. That means glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced plastic products, whether or not produced as sandwich structure. These applications usually are developed customer specific and produced custom made.

Due to a high demand for strong and workable ramps we designed heavy duty lightweight ramps, made of composite materials.

Difference between existing ramps and Buitink ramps

Steel type ramps usually are not workable at location (too heavy) while standard plastic type ramps (from e.g. LDPE, HMPE, PP) are not strong enough and will bend, such that they have to be reshaped after use. Besides plastic type ramps distribute pressure forces insufficient.

Ramps made by Buitink Technology on the contrary are lightweight, super strong and always will retain their original shape after use. The thickness of a standard Buitink composite ramp is about 8 mm. By default the ramps are covered with a non-slip layer.

Above pictures show a fully loaded ramp, bended by a truck, and afterwards completely recovering to its original shape.

Advantages Buitink ramps

Most important advantages of composite ramps:

  • Excellent strength/weight ratio;
  • Extremely strong and impact load resistant;
  • Corrosion free;
  • Weather and water resistent;
  • Non-slip coating applied;
  • No permanent bending

More and more Buitink Technology ramps are applied. Ideal for application in road construction works as well.

Our customer about composite ramps

"We apply these ramps in our road construction works in order to distribute the load of heavy machines, such that we prevent road rutting during road construction work.

Composite ramps clearly exhibit a better pressure distribution than standard plastic ramps, but are also more expensive. The ramps can be manipulated easy with a vacuum lift system and can be handled by road workers without problem. The latter is impossible with steel ramps. So we are satisfied."


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