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UV-C translucent film applications

At Buitink Technology, we strive to provide innovative solutions with our transparent UVC films. These films are permeable not only to UV-C light, but also to UV-A, UV-B and UV-V light. This makes them ideal for a wide range of applications, from killing bacteria, viruses and fungi to curing coatings and adhesives with UV light.

elektromagnetische spectrum
Diagram: electromagnetic spectrum

UV-C transmittance

Discover a table with indicative measurements of the UV-C transmittance of our films:

UV-C transmittance of films

UV-C light: a safe and efficient disinfection option

UV-C light, with wavelengths between 200 and 280 nanometres, is ideally suited for microbiological disinfection. It can be used to disinfect water, air and surfaces, even against micro-organisms resistant to traditional methods. Advantages include no use of harmful chemicals and low operating costs.

Flexible applications with UVC film

One of the many applications of our UVC film is as a cuff or compensator in air treatment plants. This ensures effective disinfection of the air, while keeping the UV-C light source protected from contamination and high temperatures.

Liquid-tight sleeves and covers

For liquid disinfection, we offer custom-made UVC permeable covers and sleeves. These are suitable for hanging UV-C light sources in water or other liquids, without the need for a waterproof lamp housing.

Supporting plateaus for decontamination

Our UVC foil can also serve as a supporting platform for decontaminating objects with UVC light, such as mobile phones. The film ensures that even the underside of objects is disinfected effectively.

Holders for office products

An innovative application is the use of UVC film as a holder for office items. This provides an effective way to disinfect items such as pens and pencils without having to move them.

Applications in curing processes

Besides disinfection, our UVC film is also suitable for processes where UV light is used to cure materials. The film can be used to control UV intensity during the curing process.

Benefits of Buitink's UVC film:

  • Customisation and flexibility in shape and size;
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications;
  • Resistant to chemicals and high temperatures;
  • Safe for use in food processing environments;
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to quartz glass.


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