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Transparent disinfection bags

Hygienic bags

Buitink Technology makes specially designed liners, bags and packaging in which products can be thermally disinfected. The bags can also be used to store or transport products hygienically, keeping them disinfected and sanitised.

Our liners and bags are made of fluoropolymer films, such as ETFE, that are chemically inert, transparent, permeable to UVC light and able to withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius.

Applications for ETFE disinfection bags: algae bags

Among other things, Buitink Technology produces storage and growing bags for bioluminescent or other kinds of algae. The fluoropolymer film is suitable not only for storing and growing living organisms themselves, such as bioluminescent algae, but can also be used to making storage bags that seal the algae bags from environmental contamination and keep them disinfected.

Thermal disinfection

Sealing storage bags made from ETFE film (for growing algae) in a disinfection liner made from ETFE film allows them to be heated in the oven to temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celsius. As a result, the bags are fully disinfected (the micro-organisms are killed) and remain so - because they were sealed when they went into the oven - until they are used. The growing bags can therefore simply be kept in storage until needed. Just before the bag is used, the outer liner’s seal can easily be cut open and the bag removed.

We offer disinfection service at higher temperatures (thermal disinfection) using our industrial oven.

You can find information about ETFE film on our website:

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Disinfection with UVC light

Disinfection can take place chemically or with the help of UVC light.
You can find information about sterilisation and disinfection on our website: UV-C light transparent applications.

The sealing of products in a Buitink Technology ETFE liner offers the following advantages:

  • ETFE film is chemically inert so it does not bond with other substances in the environment;
  • ETFE film is transparent and allows light (including UVC) to pass through, including light from grow lights;
  • ETFE film can be used at temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celsius;
  • ETFE film is safe for food contact.


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