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Insulation (existing) waterslide

A water slide in an indoor pool is quite a cost when it comes to heat loss. This is because the tube of the slide, made of only a few millimeters of polyester, often runs largely outside the building through the outside air. The air inside the tube of the slide cools sharply, causing cold(er) air and water at the bottom of the slide opening to flow into the indoor pool.

This is not only very bad for the pool's energy bill but also for the comfort of visitors and staff.

We have developed a slide insulation system that achieves substantial savings on energy costs and increases indoor comfort. This, in turn, is good for the environment, pool visitors and monthly energy bills!

Photos: drone footage during assembly

What makes the Buitink Technology Slide Tube Insulation System unique?

A water-slide need not be a headache file for the swimming pool because of the high energy costs it generates. In fact, Buitink Technology can solve that problem for your swimming pool very quickly. In almost all cases, a water-slide consists of plastic elements bolted together by means of flange connections.

The Buitink Technology insulation system is a cleverly constructed insulation package that can be easily retrofitted and provides immediate savings due to its good insulation values. See the overview below. The insulation value to be achieved depends on the thickness of the package. You can choose between a 10 cm or 15 cm thick package.

Due to the clever fixing of the Slide tube insulation modules between the flange connections of the slide elements, the insulation package is also easy to dismantle again. This can be very convenient for the accessibility of the mounting bolts which, in many cases, are subject to periodic quality control.

Besides the clever installation system, there is another element that makes the Buitink Technology Slide tube insulation system unique; the 10-year warranty we give on the installed insulation package!

10-year warranty gives another view of the necessary investment!

External insulation of a Slide Tube requires a serious investment from a Swimming Pool. You want to recover that investment as quickly as possible and amortise it over a longer period. So you can do that with the Buitink Technology Slide Tube Insulation System because we give it a 10-year guarantee!



Thermal camera images

A few days after installing the Buitink Slide Isolator, we mapped its effect with a thermal image camera. The result of this can be seen in the four photos below.

During the measurements with the FLIR thermal imaging camera, the outside/ambient temperature was around 8.5 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the air and water flowing through the slide tube was about 25 degrees Celcius.

U-value insulating shell

A slide insulation from Buitink Technology comes in a standard thickness of 10 cm. This insulating shell has a u-value of only about 0.35 W/ m2 K (r-value 2.86 m2 K/ W). In combination with a standard slide shell (usually made of polyester with thin or virtually no insulation), this gives a combined u-value of around 0.33 W/ m2 K.

Optionally, we can also produce the slide insulator in a thickness of 15 cm. The u-value of the Buitink slide insulator then becomes approximately 0.23 W/ m2 K (r-value 4.49 m2 K/ W).

Sample energy-saving calculations

In addition to saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions as an important objective in itself, it is of course also important what financial benefit insulating an outdoor slide provides and what the payback period is.

In the table below, we have worked through a number of scenarios using what we consider to be conservative assumptions. For each scenario, we have calculated the expected energy savings in m3 gas and also in EUR.

As you can see, the savings you can make with a Buitink Slide Isolator are huge!

Sample energy-saving calculations

Image 8. Energy savings Buitink Slide Isolator in different scenarios

N.B. The values shown in image 8 are indicative and no rights can be derived from them. For insight into the assumptions and method of calculation, please refer to the PDF below, which can be downloaded. It is up to the user of the data itself to verify and assess all assumptions and assumptions. In our view, the assumptions we made are conservative in nature, especially since the savings data do not include cooling the water flowing through the slide (and having to reheat it).

Slide energy cost savings

Colours and/or printing

The Buitink Technology Slide insulation system can be supplied in a wide range of colours. Colours that match your house style or the colour of the slide tube. You choose! The system can also be printed with images, company logos or sponsor messages. An outdoor slide is often quite visible from the outside, so this way you can also communicate with your visitors with images or text.

Energy for government buildings

The RFO has drawn up an EML (Approved Measures List) energy saving for government buildings such as swimming pools. Slide tube insulation is part of this, named under FE5(a) the measure states: Reduce heat loss through water chute running (partially) outside the building envelope.

Technique to achieve this: Apply higher insulation value slide!

Engineering insulation layer around slide

Engineering insulation layer around slide

Advantages Buitink Technology slide tube insulation system

  • Can be retrofitted to any slide tube;
  • Assembly by in-house Buitink Technology assembly team;
  • Unique mounting system where all flange bolts remain accessible;
  • 10-year warranty;
  • Substantial reduction in energy bills;
  • More indoor comfort for visitors and staff;
  • Short payback period;
  • Available in many colours;
  • Can be printed with images, company logo or sponsor logo;
  • This insulation system is part of the EML prepared by the RVO in Holland;
  • During assembly, the pool will remain open as usual;
  • Special customisation always possible;
  • 100% Dutch product made by a dedicated team of local craftsmen.

Photos: assembling islolation slide

FAQ Slide insulation

Can the Buitink Technology Slide Insulation System only be used with certain types of outdoor slides?

It doesn't matter what type of slide you have, because Buitink Technology has a solution for every type of pool slide. Usually it fits through our standard insulation system, if not we can work out a custom solution for you.

Is there a maximum on the outer diameter of the slide to apply the Buitink Technology slide insulation system?

The slide outer diameter does not matter. the Buitink Technology insulation system is designed to fit any slide.

We have to check the flange mounting bolts every year. Doesn't the insulation system get in the way then?

No problem because the Buitink Technology insulation system is easy to loosen around the flanges. As a result, the mounting bolts are easily accessible at all times.

The outer shell of our slide is due for renovation next year, will we still be able to reach it?

The entire Buitink Technology insulation system can be assembled and disassembled quite easily without losing the quality of the insulation value.

Can the slide insulation also be supplied in various colours?

The outer shell of the Buitink Technology insulation system is available in many colours. Even the colour that best suits the theme of your swimming pool.

Is it possible to print the Buitink Technology slide insulation system?

The outside of the Buitink Technology insulation system can be printed with a company logo, advertising texts or images.

What energy savings do we achieve with this Buitink Technology insulation system?

On the website you will find an overview of the U-values of the various Buitink Technology insulation systems. This U-value depends on the build-up thickness of the package.

Is the Buitink Technology Slide insulation system part of the EML (Approved Measures List energy saving) provided by the RVO?

Yes indeed 'Reduction of heat loss via Water Slide' as named under section FE5a (see table below) is, besides a slide valve (b), an element that can save energy.

Engineering insulation layer around slide

Can the Buitink Technology insulation system be maintained by our technical department itself?

Because the structure of the Buitink Technology Slide insulation system is very cleverly assembled between the flange connections, it can easily be dismantled again afterwards for maintenance. So you are not dependent on external parties.

What guarantee period does Buitink Technology give on this slide insulation system?

We know that insulating an outdoor slide requires a serious investment from your organisation. Fortunately, we can provide a 10-year warranty on this system, making it a financially viable investment in addition to environmental gains.


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