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Inflatable work platform S

The inflatable work platform is positioned at the right height using four straps, after which it is inflated to the appropriate pressure.

The silo platform then holds itself in place all around and 'clings' to the inner surface of the silo thanks to static friction force. The straps serve as an aid to setting the height and as a safety feature (in the event of a pressure failure, the platform will remain suspended from the straps).

Silo cleaning

Figure 1: Schematic representation of inflatable work platform in use

Height-Adjustable and Versatile

Our inflatable work platform can be connected to compressed air using a pressure-reducing valve that offers settings between 350 and 1,000 mbar.

Additionally, we provide an optional (230V) electric pump with automatic pressure monitoring, ensuring that the platform remains at the optimal pressure throughout the work process.


Simple and Efficient: Inflate Up Silo Platform

When work is completed at a specific height, the platform can be easily repositioned by releasing some air from the chamber and adjusting the straps to the desired working height. Once repositioned, the platform can be quickly reinflated, allowing work to resume promptly. The entire repositioning process is exceptionally fast and straightforward, saving valuable time and effort.

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