We solve it with a flexible lightweight solution!
since 1948

Inflatable maintenance platform for mixers

Buitink Technology has developed a product to make the inspection and maintenance of (conical) mixers safe: the Buitink inflatable maintenance platform for (conical) mixers.

The use of the inflatable platform also greatly shortens the turnaround time of maintenance work: in some cases, it even takes several days to erect and dismantle a (scaffolding) platform construction, whereas our platform can be erected and removed within fifteen minutes. In fact, the platform can be installed in just a few steps: place the platform in the mixer via the manhole, connect it to an air source, and inflate it until the desired stability is achieved. That's it.

In short: highly efficient mixer maintenance!

We solve it with a lightweight flexible solution!
since 1948

Buitink Technology's inflatable maintenance platform is suitable for all types of mixers that mix, for example, powders, pastes, slurries and liquids.

Blenders have a wide range of applications, such as homogenising bulk goods, improving product quality, particle coating, wetting, dispersing liquids, changing functional properties and agglomerating.

During larger maintenance operations (e.g. when replacing the mixing arm/screw), a technician must be able to stand in the centre of the mixer. To make this possible, in practice, a scaffold/ scaffolding is often partially constructed, on which work is carried out. These are often unsafe structures, which have not been approved, are devised on the spot and are therefore unstable and very unsafe. Moreover, it sometimes takes several people several days to erect and dismantle them.

An inflatable work platform from Buitink Technology is compact and lightweight and can be moved into position and inflated with one person. By inflating the platform (to around 500 mbar), it clamps down and creates a very stable platform with a hard walking surface.

Safe inflatable maintenance platform

The inflatable maintenance platform is an innovative maintenance solution for mixers, as well as a time-saving maintenance tool that is durable and safe!


Benefits of the inflatable maintenance platform:

  • Very quick to assemble and remove;
  • Very compact and lightweight;
  • Features non-slip surface for added safety;
  • Built-in overpressure protection for extra reliability;
  • Very easy to use;
  • No hard parts that can damage the mixer;
  • Safe to use;
  • A recess for a mixing arm/screw is integrated;
  • Works on the basis of (compressed) air, so no risk of oil leakage or other unwanted substances;
  • Can be made in chemically inert design, in food grade.

Engineering inflatable platform 1900mm

Engineering inflatable platform

3D view maintenance platform


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