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FAQ Inflatable work platform

What is the purpose of the inflatable work platform for silos?

The inflatable work platform is designed as a height-adjustable work floor for inspections, maintenance or renovation work in silos. It also provides a dust-tight seal during silo cleaning.

How does the inflatable work platform work?

The smaller platform is suspended at the desired height using four straps and then inflated to the proper pressure. It clamps to the silo based on shear resistance and remains suspended. It can be easily adjusted to new working heights by draining some air from the platform and re-hanging it using the adjustable straps.

The larger platform includes additional inflatable poles/tubes that provide additional support for the platform.

How is the inflatable work platform kept pressurized?

The platform can be connected to compressed air using a reducing valve adjustable between 350 and 1,000 mbar. A (230V) electric pump with automatic pressure monitoring can also be supplied to keep the platform at the correct pressure.

Is the inflatable work platform suitable for different silo sizes?

Yes, the platform is suitable for a wide range of silo sizes and configurations. For larger silos, inflatable poles/tubes can be incorporated to provide additional support for the platform. A six-meter grid can be used to safely suspend the platform at various heights.

What are the advantages of the inflatable work platform?

Some of the advantages of the inflatable work platform are that it is very lightweight, flexible (roll up and fold down), takes up little storage and transport space, is quick and easy to assemble, also functions as a valve and seal for dust and materials, is durable, easy to repair yourself and is suitable for both small and very large silos.

Is the inflatable work platform an economically wise investment?

Yes, it is considered an economically sensible and responsible investment. Moreover, it is a fully European product produced under high quality standards.


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