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Inflatable disruptive bodies

Buitink Technology designs, develops and makes inflatable elements that can be used as interference bodies to prevent the vortex effect and vibration of structures.

This is because when the wind blows and encounters a tall mast, pylon or tower, the airflow must move over and around the structure. This obstacle disrupts the normal, even flow of the wind. This can lead to turbulence and vibrations of the mast.

Inflatable helix system

To this end, Buitink Technology's inflatable (cylindrical) bodies can be fitted around a structure (a mast, for example) like a chain in a helix shape (as Scruton helix system). This can be of a temporary nature (for example, during the assembly of masts for wind turbines), but these inflatable elements can also be used permanently.

Why our inflatable bodies?

Why are inflatable bodies from Buitink Technology so suitable to be used as sling bodies?

  • Buitink Technology's inflatable disruptive bodies (OSL) can be fully customised (diameter, length, colour, strength);
  • The OSL are very lightweight and very compact to transport (as they are filled with air);
  • The OSL can be (temporarily) mounted on existing structures/masts/chimneys;
  • The OSL are resistant to wind, sun, rain, ice, snow, salt water;
  • The OSL can be used in temperatures from -30 to +70 degrees celcius (and higher temperatures are possible on request);
  • The OSL are hard-wearing, storm-proof, robust and weather-resistant.

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