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Safety screens or cough screens

Buitink Technology designs, makes and installs (transparent) partition walls and structures. With our panels of ETFE foil, work/learning and sports areas can be set up right next to each other at super speed.

These transparent solutions provide optimum protection against transfer of, for example, dust, dirt, viruses, air flows, etc. At the same time, you remain in full contact with the environment.

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Durable ETFE film

We use high-quality and very durable ETFE foil for the kuch screens (safety screens).

Buitink Technology's ETFE foil applications - including the kuch screens - comply with regulation (EC) 1935/ 2004, regulation (EU) 10/2011 and the German LFGB.

ETFE foil falls into class B-s1,d0 of the European fire standard EN-NEN 13501-1: Fire classification of construction products and building components.

Safety screen gym

Playing sports together but protected from viruses how do you achieve this? Make sure athletes keep 1.5 m distance from each other where possible. Where this is not possible, place or hang ETFE cough screens from Buitink Technology between the athletes.

Safety screen front desk

With ETFE film - which is a flexible material - large, free-form shapes can be made. We can also use it to make hanging screens, which can be hung above round or curved counters.



Cough screen office

Buitink Technology's cough screens are ideally suited for use in offices. They provide optimum protection against dust and virus transmission without interfering with normal office work.

Cough screen hospitality industry

The Covid screen is stretched in a panel profile and can easily be placed near and/or around a (dining) table.

Cough screen hair salon

Buitink Technology's hanging and standing (optional: mobile) ETFE splash screens are the ideal solution for application in hairdressing salons. The screens are lightweight, fireproof and are resistant to all cleaning and disinfecting agents.

Eigenschappen en voordelen

The features and benefits of our ETFE screens:

  • Lightweight
  • Safe
  • Transparent
  • Odorless
  • Fully sound-permeable

Transportation, delivery and packaging

The ETFE screens are produced and assembled for you completely customized and according to your wishes. Everything is carefully packed in a sturdy cardboard tube with a diameter of 131 mm.

We supply the ETFE prevention screens / cough screens / hygiene screens all over the world! From Japan to the United States.



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