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BICS vehicle screen

To stop the spread of coronavirus and help businesses resume operations, we have developed an inflatable vehicle prevention screen.

BICS: Buitink Inflatable Car Screen

Buitink Technology has developed a prevention screen for vehicles that is made entirely of soft and flexible materials and does not need to be bolted to your vehicle or means of transport: the BICS.

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Installation and cleaning

Installing a BICS safety screen is very easy. After you fill the frame with air, you will see that inflatable tube clings well, as it is well shaped to the shapes of your car. Finally, you can attach the mudguard with some straps and eyelets.

Cleaning is done with disinfectant spray or wipes by gently going over both sides of the mudguard.



BICS van

We make BICS inflatable hygiene or cough screens not only for taxis and cars. We also make screens for (company) vans that separate front and rear passengers.

BICS coach

Buitink Technology has a BICS variant to protect the driver and passengers of a (school) bus from mutual transmission of viruses: the BICS coach



BICS driver-driver

Besides hygienically separating the front and rear passengers, we also offer the option of separating the driver and co-driver with our patented BICS inflatable vehicle screen.

BICS Basic

An entry-level version is also available for taxis and passenger cars: the BICS Basic. This is a screen consisting of a strong, transparent, odourless film that is surrounded by a flexible tube, which provides rigidity and shape retention.



BICS duo-cycle and rickshaw

Buitink Technology also makes mudguards or hygiene screens for duo bikes and rickshaws. These are the so-called BICS bicycle screens.

These BICS bicycle screens can be made with an inflatable edge or as single-layer tensioned film. Both options can be seen below.

Compact shipping and storage

Because the BICS is inflatable, made of flexible materials and contains no hard parts, we can ship it in small boxes at attractive rates around the world!


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