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Wedge shaped lift cushion

With wedge shaped lift cushions of Buitink Technology (prefabricated) swimming pools, hot-tubs of jacuzzis can be lifted or tilted.

With a wedge shaped lift cushion of Buitink Technology a spa, swimming pool, jacuzzi or hot-tub can be lowered, positioned and placed in a controlled way.


The wedge shaped lift cushions of Buitink Technology have a number of important and unique properties

  • Due to the coating of the polyester fabric with an EVA/ PVC copolymer, the material is very flexible and easy to repair (with glue or a hot air blower);
  • The wedge shaped cushions of Buitink are made of super strong coated polyester fabric with a tensile strength of even 8.000 N/ 5 cm!
  • Due to the enormous strong type IV polyester fabric the material for the lift cushions have a puncture resistance of 2.150 N (unlike many competitive products which only have a puncture resistance of 1.750 N or even less);
  • Wedge shaped lift cushions of Buitink Technology don't have sharp edges (are rounded off and smooth) which make them robust and have less tendency to be damaged;
  • The lift cushions require hardly any maintenance and are very easy to clean;
  • We can personalize the bags and print your logo and any required imprint! If you want you can (re)sell the cushions with your own name.

Top quality material

  • EVA/ PVC co-polymer coated polyester fabric - extremely strong and heavy duty
  • Tensile strength fabric: 8.000 N/ 5 cm
  • Puncture resistance: 2.150 N (competitive products usually have no more than 1.750 N)
  • Resistant against many chemicals
  • Very good resistance against UV light
  • Easy to be repaired (with glue or a hot air blower) unlike PU of TPU coated materials
  • Very flexible and light weight material

Ready for use!

  • Lift cushions of Buitink are provided with all needed parts and are ready for use.
  • They are equipped with universal couplings

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