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Lifting bags for truck recovery

Buitink Technology develops and produces salvage lifting systems for salvaging, among others, trucks with trailers, tipper trucks and coaches. The low pressure in the bags (approx. 0.5 bar/ 7.25 psi) and the large contact surface mean there is little risk of damaging an overturned truck.

  • In many cases, bags can be used to right a trailer including the load, without the need for any additional equipment, such as a crane.
  • In other cases, lifting bags can be used in addition to a crane or other equipment. Lifting bags ensure more rapid, effective salvaging, saving man-hours and crane capacity.

PDF Brochure - Truck Recovery

Download our PDF brochure for all information and specs of our lifting bags and catchbags for trucks and buses.


Lifting bag set

A complete set of Buitink Technology lifting bags comprises eight bags in various different shapes and sizes. A set has a total lifting capacity of no less than 68 tons!

  • The starter bag is the lightest and smallest in the series. Its low weight and height while empty (3 cm) make it easy and simple to install.
  • The large bag, also referred to as the trapezium bag, has a sloped upper surface, so that the roofline of, for example, a refrigerated truck can be followed up to the tipping point. This tapered form also prevents the bag from slipping out from underneath the trailer.
  • The medium bag has the same diameter and lifting capacity as the large bag, but is not as high. The reason for this is that stability, rather than height, is most needed when lifting a tanker truck. In addition, a medium bag is easier to install under an overturned truck.
  • The giant bag is supplementary to the other lifting bags and can be used if there is a great deal of open space under a truck.

In short, with a set of Buitink Technology lifting bags, you are prepared for virtually every situation!

Videos lifting by air

Watch the videos below to see lifting by air cushions in practice:

Salvage lifting bags

  • Our lifting bags are flexible, but also robust, incredibly strong and built to withstand the circumstances in which salvaging takes place
  • Our lifting bags are made from a PVC-coated fabric, making them easy to repair on the spot (with glue or a hot air welder)
  • Our lifting bags are cylindrical, which produces the most even distribution of tension and load in the bag and ensures that the object being lifted is also loaded as evenly as possible
  • A large bag has a sloping upper surface, which supports the lifting process up to the last moment
  • We supply four different shapes and sizes, which can be combined to provide a solution for almost every situation

PDF Specifications - Lifting bags

Download the PDF with all the specifications of our lifting bags, catch bags, air system, manifold and air tubes.



We also provide the blower necessary for creating and maintaining pressure and then extracting the air from the lifting bags again. The blower is powered by a 10 hp combustion engine, built into a mobile frame.

This blower comes with a (dismountable) distribution block/manifold with 8 connections (with quick-action couplings). Each bag connection on the manifold has a manometer for monitoring the pressure during operation. In addition, each connection is fitted with two ball valves so that not only can the inflation of each individual bag be regulated (and stopped by closing the valve), but the decision can even be made during a salvaging operation to deflate any of the individual bags (by closing the supply and opening another valve). This generates maximum control of the lifting process.

The air hoses provided are of an extremely high industrial quality, UV and weather resistant and also anti-static, so it's safe to work with flammable substances, for example, in the vicinity of the tanker trucks.

We deliver salvage lifting bags all over the world

We deliver lifting bags within 48 hours all over Europe and even beyond. On request we deliver the expertise for lifting trucks. The pneumatic lifting bags are filled with air pressure, ranging from 0.5 to 2 bar.

PDF Brochure - Truck Recovery

Download our PDF brochure for all information and specs of our lifting bags and catchbags for trucks and buses.


Protective cover lifting bags


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