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Inflatable lifting unit

In order to lift heavy loads up to a high level safe and accurately controlled, Buitink Technology designs inflatable lifting units.

Unique stabilization

These lifting units operate on the basis of inflatable lifting bags, stabilized through a computer controlled automated winch. It is a unique combination of stabilized lifting by air supported by an automated winch system.

Characteristic and unique properties

Inflatable lifting units from Buitink Technology have a number of unique and typical properties compared to alternatives like lifting by a mechanical crane or standard lifting bags.

  • Lifting up to a large height of at least 20 meter.
  • Several modular lifting units can be combined to operate as a single unit (connected through a computer control system including software).
  • A lifting unit is very compact, enabling transport within one single container.
  • The unit can be placed anywhere, even be positioned from the air (no large infrastructure required for a crane e.g).
  • The lifting units are placed beneath the object. No surrounding space is needed (no place for a crane involved).
  • The whole operation is powered by electricity only and so can be applied everywhere.
  • The lifting unit operates on the basis of air. No hydraulics are involved; there is no risk of (soil) pollution.

Specifications lifting unit

  • A lifting unit consists of a (transport) box, basic frame, winches and an air blower system, connected to a main control unit.
  • It's weight is about 5 tons.
  • Below shown inflatable lifting unit can lift 15 tons to a height of 11 meter.


To get to the final design  of the lifting unit several brainstorm sessions were held.

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