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Mobile floor with foam edges

Buitink Technology is specialized in producing tailor made mobile liquid tight floors.

For a new coal-fired power station in Germany we made a mobile liquid tight floor with foam filled edges. Foam filled edges instead of air inflated edges is a perfect alternative when the edges are not frequently crossed by cars and trucks and/or when no power is available for the air blower.

Collecting slurry

The floor is used to collect gypsum slurry from off gas cleaning. During charging trucks with gypsum slurry for transport the floor prevent soil contamination by spilled gypsum slurry.

Heavy duty material

Heavy duty material is used as material of construction for the floor and the foam filled edges can be dismantled. The foam shape is removed from the canvas edge and the remaining canvas of the floor is folded and stored as a small package.

Applying foam in edges: zipper closing
Applying foam in edges: Velcro close


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