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Decontamination and Cleaning Unit | BTDC unit

A very useful application of a liquid tight mobile floor, combined with a liquid tight tent construction, is the Buitink Technology Decontamination and Cleaning (BTDC) unit.

This unique unit is extremely useful in cases where liquids, dangerous for human and environment, are applied. The modular unit can be erected quite fast into a closed space with various compartments and sluices to build a technical cleaning unit.

Liquid tight compartments

As the framework of the unit is at the outside of the unit a perfect smooth inner surface is obtained of floor, walls and ceiling. As a result all applied liquids can be removed easily and post cleaning of the unit for the next application is simple and efficient.

Various compartments can be connected,  based on the requirements of the client. Same applies for the upright air- and foam filled borders between the various floor parts. These borders between the compartments enable internal transport of goods to be cleaned inside the unit without liquid exchange between the compartments.

Materials and options

Material of construction for walls, floor and ceiling depends on the chemicals applied by the customer.

Air connections to create under or overpressure can be integrated in the walls. Connections for liquids and other chemical feed can be created as well on demand of the client, such as to avoid leaking inputs.

The BTDC unit can be applied both inside or outside an existing building, and can be erected and dismantled fast by trained technicians. Instructions or commercial prints can be applied to the surface of the unit.


Advantages of the BTDC

A summary of the advantages of the BTDC unit:

  • Fast erection and dismantling
  • Light, strong and durable
  • Suitable for inside and outside application
  • Compact storage
  • Perfect discharge of polluted water or liquids
  • Simple post cleaning
  • Modular construction
  • Fully smooth inner walls
  • No leaking through puts
  • Units suitable for under- or over pressure
  • Integrated water and feed connections
  • Air and foam filled borders
  • MOC based on required chemical resistance
  • To be personalized by printing text and logo
  • To be ordered  with various peripheral equipment (pumps, IBC containers, tubes etc.)

Building BTDC unit




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