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Inflatable work shelters for weather protection

Weather conditions frequently hamper outdoor work in winter. Many valuable days of work and turnover are lost each year due to rain, cold, snow and wind. This affects painting companies, wall cleaning and renovation businesses, glass companies, gardeners, pavers, road workers and cabling companies.

Buitink Technology has a solution for this problem: inflatable work shelters. This equipment enables companies to continue working even at poor weather conditions.

Advantages inflatable work shelters

Contrary to conventional products of this type, our tents don't need metal tubes or a fixed framework. Just a tube frame that is inflated with air. It comes in two models, based on two different principles: an air-tight tube system with valves and a tube system kept constantly inflated to the right pressure with a blower (the latter principle is comparable to the way in which bouncy cushions are inflated and kept at the right pressure). When an air-tight system with valves is used, inner and outer tubes are used (similar to a bicycle tire), to eliminate leakage. If a blower system is used, it is supplied with sufficient (over)capacity to keep the system properly inflated even with (small) leaks.

A major advantage of working with air systems is the flexibility in terms of size and shape (usually adjustable), speed and ease of set-up and move. As we have our own production department, we can make work shelters custom made in terms of dimensions, color, fire-resistance, fastening possibilities, printed advertisements, etc.

A summary of the advantages:

  • Custom-made
  • Many application possibilities
  • Mobile, flexible and quickly to set up


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