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Roadmap for using elevator cushions boat or catamaran

Putting Buitink Technology's Inflatable Lift System into use. How do I lift my boat for maintenance or inspection?

1. Inspection Before Use

  • Check all parts of the system, including the tubes, air system, manifold with valves, and associated straps and slings.
  • Make sure there is no visible damage or wear.

2. Positioning

Determine the best position for the boat or catamaran above the inflatable cushion(s).

  • For a catamaran: Place one elevator cushion in the center under the boat.
  • For a boat: Place two floats interconnected with straps/slings.

3. Connection Air System

  • Connect the air system with automatic pressure control to the elevator pad or floats.
  • Connect the manifold with valves to regulate the air supply to the tubes.

4. Blow up

  • Start by slowly inflating the cushion or floats.
  • Keep an eye on the position of the boat or catamaran during inflation. Make sure the boat is lifted evenly.
  • Fill the floats with air until the boat or catamaran reaches the desired level above the water.

5. Maintenance or Inspection

  • Perform the required maintenance or inspection while the boat or catamaran is floating above the water level.
  • Make sure the boat is stable and safe during all operations.

6. Letting it sink in

  • After completing maintenance, slowly release the air from the cushion or floats.
  • Make sure the boat or catamaran descends and returns to the water evenly.

7. Storage

  • When the boat or catamaran is safely back in the water, empty and fold the elevator pad or floats.
  • Store all parts of the system in a dry and clean place.

Safety Tips

  • Always provide a safe working environment. Never perform work under a boat or catamaran supported only by the inflatable elevator system without additional safety precautions.
  • Check the system regularly for wear or damage.
  • Avoid overloading the system; observe weight limits.

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