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Pre-start platform for canoe slalom

Buitink Technology develops and produces inflatable pre-start platforms for canoe slalom competitions, among others.

These platforms are used to precisely define the starting location and distance from it to the official starting line and make it equal for all participants.

Advantages of the Buitink inflatable pre-start platform

Compared to alternative system used as pre-start platform, Buitink Technology's inflatable platform has several important advantages.

  • The system is inflatable and can be folded into a very compact package and stored when the platform is not in use. This is in contrast to other, alternative floats or flotation systems that are mostly made of hard parts.
  • The platform is lightweight and compact and can easily be taken to any location and inflated on site.
  • As the platform is made of a flexible sailcloth, it is not hard and will not damage canoes and/or boats when they bump into it.

Engineering inflatable platform

Engineering inflatable platform

FAQ - Buitink inflatable pre-start platform

Can the Buitink inflatable pre-start platform also be delivered in other sizes?

We develop and make the inflatable platforms entirely in-house and customisation is possible. We can make any size you want.

Can the Buitink inflatable pre-start platform also be delivered in other colours and/or printed?

We can make the platforms in any colour you prefer. It is also possible to print the platforms in full colour.

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