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Lift system for the shipping industry

Marine-Solutions BV from Rhoon developed the Aqua-Willer, a system specifically intended for the shipping industry. The Aqua-Willer is an inflatable system for filling up the space between the bow of a push boat and the container. This reduces resistance during navigation, and thus reduces fuel consumption. Buitink realized various models.


Currently, the Aqua-Willer is still under development. Various models were tested. One suitable model is selected and is further tested now. The Aqua-Willer is made up of two large inflatable cylinders, which are fastened to both sides of the push-boat bow and to the container. The dimensions of the push boat are very important for establishing the size of the Aqua-Willer. The more accurate the match, the less resistance generated.

Choice of materials

With such a product, the right choice of materials is very important. Buitink plays a vital role in material choice. The large tubes are made of double-layer PVC-coated polyester canvas of type V. The wear-sensitive spots have been provided with reinforcements, made of one or several layers of canvas, of which the coating is made of polyurethane and other materials. The red sleeve around the tubes is a specially fabricated product for extreme heavy applications. The PVC-coated polyester canvas has a tensile strength of approx. 17,000 N/5 cm (which means that a weight as high as 1,700 kg can be applied to a canvas strip of only 5 cm wide). The main interconnections between the canvas are realized by welds, which are made and checked with special equipment.

The prototype was realized in our large workshop and we assisted in the first trial runs. Based on our specialized knowledge of technical textile and the development and realization of various inflatable solutions, we can effectively advise and support Marine-Solutions in this development.


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