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Inflatable salvage tubes

With Buitink Technology's inflatable salvage tubes you can float almost any object or provide it with buoyancy!

Buitink Technology's enclosed salvage bags can be used for the salvage of ships and vehicles that have fallen into the water. The enclosed flotation bags can also be used for the installation of pipes and pipelines in water and at sea. In addition, there are numerous emergency situations where enclosed flotation bags can be used; lying, standing, inside or outside the construction of a ship, vehicle or other object.

Laat alles drijven met Buitink Technology's flotation bags!

Enclosed flotation bag 3D interactive

Features of our inflatable salvage tubes

Buitink Technology's inflatable floats have a number of important and distinctive characteristics.

  • Due to the polyester fabric and its EVA/PVC co-polymer coating, the material is very flexible and also very easy to repair (with glue or a hairdryer with hot air);
  • Our inflatable salvage bags are made of a very strong coated polyester fabric with a tensile strength of no less than 8,000 N/5 cm;
  • Due to the high-strength polyester fabric type IV, the material with which the flotation tubes are made has a puncture resistance of no less than 2,150 N (in contrast to many competing products that only reach 1,750 N);
  • Buitink Technology's inflatable salvage bags have no sharp corners (they are rounded off and smooth), which makes these enclosed flotation bags more robust and less likely to be damaged;
  • Buitink Technology's enclosed flotation bags are lightweight! Up to 50% lighter than the competition's enclosed flotation bags, while the lift capacity is at least 10% higher;
  • The inflatable salvage tubes require little maintenance and are very easy to clean;
  • We can personalize the bags and provide them with your logo and desired print! That means that you can sell them under your own label if so required.

Top-quality material

  • EVA/PVC co-polymer coated polyester fabric - high-strength and heavy-duty;
  • Fabric's tensile strength: 8,000 N/5 cm;
  • Puncture resistance: 2,150 N (in contrast to competitor's products, which often do not reach more than 1,750 N);
  • Resistant to many chemicals;
  • High UV-resistance;
  • Very easy to repair (with glue or a hairdryer with hot air), unlike materials coated with PU or TPU;
  • Highly flexible and lightweight material.

Ready to use!

  • Buitink's salvage bags are equipped with all the necessary hardware and are ready for immediate use;
  • They are equipped with a stainless steel compressed air connector (quick connect); both male and female are included;
  • They are equipped with a ¾" stainless steel ball valve;
  • They are equipped with pressure relief valves.

Supplied hardware

1. Stainless steel compressed air connector, female (in bag) MA2-SS

Persluchtaansluiting MA2-SS

2. Stainless steel compressed air connector, male FPA2-SS


3. 2-piece ball valve 316 FB LD female-male thread

Kogelkraan 2-delig 316 FB LD bi-bu draad

Engineering and sizing EFB models

Models Enclosed flotation bag

Below you can see the dimensions of each model when empty and the connections, labeling and attachment points:







EFB-600/275 EFB-1200/550 EFB-2400/1100 EFB-4800/2200 EFB-7200/4400

You can also download this an overview of all models as a pdf:

EFB model overview

Drift cushions details from Buitink Technology

Video inflate Salvage bags

Optional: manifold large

Optional: manifold small

Optional: connector pressure measurement from cushion


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