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Inflatable floats for mobile dry dock

Buitink Technology develops and produces inflatable flotation systems for dry docks and submersion docks.

Buitink Technology’s inflatable floats can be used to build a floating submersible platform on which structures can be worked on, transported or launched. Buitink Technology float systems can also be used to lift pontoons out of the water for inspection and maintenance.

Among its other uses, the floating dock provides the solution for transporting wind turbine support structures to their site and submerging them.

Benefits of submersible dock with float system

A dry dock or submersion dock with floats by Buitink Technology has major advantages over a conventional steel floating dock that operates using seawater ballast tanks:

  • Weight savings of more than 50%;
  • Less than half the cost;
  • The system only uses air: no hydraulics or electrical systems required;
  • The floats are inflatable and take up very little space when empty;
  • Allows construction of a modular system using a combination of cushions and structural parts;
  • The lifting capacity can easily be increased by adding more cushions;
  • Requires virtually no maintenance;
  • The operation and control is very simple, much simpler than with conventional dry docks;
  • Customization is relatively easy: for example, buoyancy can be adapted, as well as shape/layout, etc.

Schematic diagram of submersible dock with float system

Schematic diagram of submersible dock with float system


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