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Closed parachute bags

With enclosed parachute floats(air lift bags) of Buitink Technology almost any object can be lifted from the water, lifted from the bottom, can be floated or buoyancy can be applied to it!

Enclosed parachute bags of Buitink Technology can be applied in recovery of vessels and vehicles that hit the water. In the pipe laying technology these enclosed flotation bags are used where tubes and pipelines are to be installed or have to be lifted in local waters or at sea.

Major advantage of these enclosed parachute bags is their single attachment point at the bottom side, where the load is attached to. No need for spreading the load to multiple connection points.

Production and delivery according to strict standards

It's obvious we develop and produce our Enclosed bottom Parachute Bags according to the directives in IMCA D-016.

All our floating bags - amongst others enclosed parachute bags - are delivered ready to use with all required and relevant documentation and registrations:

  • each parachute bag has a unique product number, linked to information about who made it, when it was made, from what material it is made, with batch number etcetera;
  • a log book with certificate and maintenance history;
  • a user manual.


Buitink Technology's Enclosed Parachute Bags have a number of important and distinctive features:

  • EVA/PVC co-polymer coated polyester fabric is a very flexible material and as well is very easy to repair (with glue or a hot air dryer).
  • We apply a safety factor for the WLL (Working Load Limit) for the lift bags of 5:1 or more;
  • For the straps/slings we apply a safety factor for the WLL of even more than 7:1;
  • The parachute- or airlift bags only have one single connection, the object to be lifted needs only one single suspension hook to be connected to the lift bag!
  • Enclosed parachute bags of Buitink Technology are compliant with IMCA D-016;
  • Enclosed parachute bags of Buitink Technology are made of coated super strong polyester fabric with a tensile strength of even 8.000-10.000 N/ 5 cm!
  • Our parachutes or lifting bags can be custom made or adapted to your specifications or requirements. You get an inflatable under water bag, ideally adapted to your specific application!
  • We have a lot of experience with custom made floats and its operational support. 
  • We use incredibly strong type IV and V polyester fabric for our floating cushions; these floats have a puncture resistance of more than 2.150 N  (while our competitors even don't go over 1.750 N);
  • These floats require only limited maintenance and are very easy to clean;
  • We can personalize the bags and apply your logo or your own imprint! If you want you can even resell them with your own label.



Specifications parachute bags

Gesloten parachute drijvers

Material parachute bags

Top quality material is used for our floats:

  • EVA/ PVC co-polymer coated  polyester fabric- extremely strong and heavy duty;
  • Tensile strength fabric: 8.000 till 18.000 N/ 5 cm;
  • Puncture resistance: 2.150 N (competitive products usually have no more than 1.750 N);
  • Chemical resistant;
  • Excellent UV resistance;
  • Very easy to repair (with glue or hot air dryer), much simpler than for PU of TPU coated materials;
  • Very flexible and light weight material.

Ready for use!

  • All necessary items are included in the floating bags of Buitink Technology and are sold as ready for use;
  • A compressed air inlet (quick coupling) is provided, both male and female connection is supplied.
  • They are equipped with a SS ball valve of ¾ inch;
  • All necessary safety valves, inverter line, handles and dump valves are included;

Provided items

Ball valve dual type 316 FB LD male-female thread


Summary of the various models

Gesloten parachute drijvers

Gesloten parachute drijvers types


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