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100 ton floats for rent

Buitink Technology develops and produces lifting cushions for submerged operations. We develop, design and produce underwater lifting cushions on a custom made basis.

Floating systems for rent

We also have floating systems for rent. We have available 8 lifting cushions for rent, each having a buoyancy of 100 tons!


The size of the underwater lifting cushions is:

  • diameter 2 meter
  • length 34 meter

Specification drawing:Drijfkussens

PDF 1.7 Mb

Manifolds en air compressor installation

On renting the cushions, the manifolds and air compressor installation can be rented as well, as such a turn key floating system is available.

Floats for stern of a ship

Among other things, these floats have already been used to float rear sections of a ship after it has been saw through.


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