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Inflatable floats / floating systems / floating cushions

Buitink Technology develops and produces custom-made inflatable floats and floating systems.

Why our inflatable floats

  • Our service is custom-made;
  • We not just make a product but supply a solution;
  • We produce and deliver additionally manifolds and air compressor equipment;
  • We take care of the design and engineering as well;
  • All lifting cushions are produced in house;
  • We guarantee quality and a short delivery time;
  • We have many references and satisfied customers;
  • Our company exists since 1948;
  • We offer operational support in construction and operation.

You have a lifting, fixing or raising problem?

In all cases you can count on us. From design and engineering up to construction and installation on site as well as operational support.

Types of float cushions

Besides cushions to increase the buoyancy of boats, ships and other vessels we also produce underwater floats to lift any submerged object. We produce as well ballast cushions, float systems for large tubes, cushions to lift catamarans and emergency mattresses. We specialize in producing as well as in design and engineering of inflatable float systems.

You need buoyancy? You want to move, turn or lift a submerged object? You want to make an object temporarily floating? And should this object be positioned horizontally?

Float cushions for rent

You can rent floating systems including manifolds, tubing and compressors. Ask for our stock of equipment for rent.

More information

Buitink Technology is a resourceful company with original ideas and ingenious products. Call Buitink Technology: +31 316 25 08 30, email: [email protected] or leave your contact information:

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