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Inflatable sealer façade cleaning

During cleaning and renovation of facades, a lot of pollution, dirt and dust is released, which spreads into the surrounding area. To prevent the spread of dust and pollution into the environment, Buitink Technology has developed an inflatable flexible sealer that can be clamped between a (scaffolding) construction and the façade. This sealer prevents loose dirt from entering the surrounding area.

A standard façade sealer element is 2.7 metres high and 70 cm wide (and 20 cm thick). The width is variable from 10-70 cm. Because the valve is inflatable and can be inflated more or less hard, any opening between the façade and (scaffolding) structure can be closed within a bandwidth of 10-70 cm.

We solve it with a lightweight flexible solution!
since 1948

Sealer for façade cleaning

Applying sealant for cleaning facade

The inflatable sealer is quick and easy to assemble and disassemble by one person. After hanging and threading, the sealer is inflated superfast with the included pump.

Summary of benefits

Compared with conceivable alternative solutions using, for example, tarpaulins, Buitink Technology's inflatable sealant has a number of important advantages and properties:

  • The inflatable façade sealer operates at relatively low pressures (maximum 500 mbar), making it safe to use;
  • An inflatable façade sealer is very compact when uninflated;
  • An inflatable façade sealer is very lightweight and can be easily moved and assembled by one person;
  • Made-to-measure from our own factory; We can also make the elements to measure;
  • All sizes possible, various choices of thickness/height when inflated;
  • Fast delivery of customised elements possible;
  • Material of which the inflatable façade sealer is made is flexible, making it relatively safe and thus preventing damage in case of impact between the façade and the scaffolding, for example;
  • Resistant to all weather conditions, does not corrode;
  • Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble.

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