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Inflatable Safety Net System


To protect maintenance engineers from falling debris during inspection, cleaning and maintenance work in (large) whirlpool furnaces, such as those used for the production of zinc alloys and sulphuric acid.


In swirl furnaces, which often have a conical shape and can reach a diameter of up to 12 metres, there is a danger of falling refractory bricks. These bricks, which line the inside of the kiln, can come loose and fall, posing a serious safety risk to personnel working in the kiln.

Traditional Solution and Shortcomings

Previously, safety nets were used, hung at specific points in the kiln. However, this resulted in large gaps between the nets and the furnace wall, allowing debris to still fall and pose a safety risk.

Inflatable Safety Net System

Innovative Solution from Buitink Technology

The safety net system consists of an inflatable ring (similar to a 'donut') linked to a safety net with a mesh size of about 45 mm. This system is hoisted up with winches and brought to the right height. By pressurizing the ring with a 230V pump or compressed air, the system clamps down against the furnace wall, creating a seamless and safe connection.

Step-by-step plan for installation

1. Positioning

Position the safety net system at the desired height in the oven using winches.

2. Inflation

Inflate the inflatable ring to air pressure using the 230V pump or connected compressed air.

3. Check

Check that the ring is fully and evenly inflated.

4. Fixation

Ensure that the ring and net fit seamlessly to the oven wall for maximum safety

List of Benefits

  • Improved Safety: Seamless connection prevents debris from falling through openings.
  • Adaptability: Suitable for ovens of different sizes and shapes.
  • Efficiency: Quick and easy to install and remove.
  • Durability: Strong material and design for long-term use.
  • Versatility: Usable for various industrial applications.

Engineering safety net with inflatable ring

Engineering safety net with inflatable ring


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