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Customized durable bellows

Buitink Technology makes customized bellows. A characteristic of bellows is the ''accordion'' structure, which gives the bellow a large flexibility in the direction of movement. When folded, bellows are very compact.

Protection machine parts

We make bellows as flexible connector between two installations or installation parts, which absorb the movements, differences in length and vibrations between the installations.

Autonomous fold bellows

A second type of bellows, are ''autonomous'' bellows which can be filled with air and be emptied again, creating a controlled movement. These connectors are suitable to fill out a space starting from a fixed point and clearing the space again. These bellows are e.g. used in a production or logistic process where the space around a (movable) object must be closed airtight during operation .

Besides, these bellows can be used to pickup/ clamp products for regrouping or replacing items. A big advantage thanks to the flexible, inflatable structure is that the bellows won't damage the product. They are much less sensitive for tolerances in size and position than conventional pick-and-place equipment.

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