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Cable sleeve

Buitink Technology develops and manufactures flexible sleeves for sealing gaps in rooms, cabinets, control cabinets and distribution boxes from which cables, wires, pipes or conduits emerge.

Flexible anti-vermin sleeve

The sleeve’s purpose is to prevent dirt and vermin from entering the room. Buitink Technology’s flexible sleeve is the ideal solution, especially where you have various control cabinets that travel, each having varying numbers of cables of different

diameters emerging from them. Whether you need to seal just one cable or a whole bunch of them, a flexible sleeve from Buitink Technology makes it possible.

Benefits of the sealing sleeve

The benefits of our flexible sealing sleeve include:

  • It makes it difficult for pests that could cause a short circuit or other damage to enter;
  • The sleeve is UV-resistant and can withstand any weather conditions;
  • Suitable for cables, pipes and flexible or rigid conduits;
  • The flexible sleeve is suitable for sealing transits through which different diameters, numbers and shapes of cables or pipes are fed;
  • We make the sleeves to measure to suit your situation, and in the color you want.

Customized cable transit sleeve

Customized cable transit sleeve

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