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Building cuffs

Buitink Technology designs, produces and installs so called "building cuffs". These building cuffs are custom made.

Watertight joint trough cuffs

The cuffs or sleeves enable a watertight joint between a tube, pipeline or any other support system passing a roof construction or a structural wall.

E.g. when a pipeline support construction passes a structural roof the opening must be closed watertight.

High-end flexible compensators

Besides watertight closure, the joints have to compensate relatively large motion of the pipeline support in relation to the structural roof. The flexible joint (cuff/flexible compensator) therefore must be able to absorb large deformations. These cuffs are a permanent solution to exterior use and of course the materials of construction are suited for this use.

These high quality flexible compensators of Buitink Technology are the perfect solution for this application.

Flexible fabric compensator

Compensators shown on the photographs absorb as much as 10 cm motion in both horizontal and vertical direction! So 10 cm to the left and/or to the right and 10 cm upwards and/or downwards. Actually the compensator has a clearance of 20 cm!


EngineeringCompensator voor gebouw

Production of cuffs

More photos of the compensators

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