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Flexible connectors

Buitink Technology has been making custom flexible solutions for decades, including flexible joints, expansion joints, fabric expansion joints, cuffs, bellows and inflatable dock shelters.

We produce custom-made and create the best solution for your application.

Why our flexible solutions

  • We supply custom-made applications;
  • We not just make a product but supply a solution;
  • We take care of the design and engineering as well.

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Features of flexible connections

We supply flexible connections made of all kinds of flexible synthetic materials of constructions like: PVC, poly urethane (PU and TPU), silicone coated fabric, ETFE foil, PTFE coated canvas as well as PFA, FEP, THC en PTFE cross film.

Material selection connectors

Material selection depends on operating conditions like:

  • Environment temperature
  • Contact with chemicals
  • Anti static fabrics
  • Flexibility
  • Folding frequency

You want a flexible joint, but no standard solution is available? You can count on us for design and engineering up to construction and installation on site as well as operational support.


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