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Dealers/ distributors wanted

We are looking for distributors, dealers and resellers of the products we develop, manufacture, assemble and possibly demonstrate.

Why are we looking for distributors/ dealers/ resellers?

We develop and produce industrial products and solutions from tarpaulins, films and technical textiles for many different target groups/ markets/ market segments. Our products are often smart, prefabricated, lightweight and easy and compact to ship. In addition to standard products, we also devise and realize custom solutions. Many of these smart solutions lead to increased sustainability and reduction of CO2 footprints for our clients.

We solve it with a lightweight flexible solution!
since 1948

We advise on our solutions and sell our products (70% of which are sold abroad) together with our dealers, resellers and distributors all over the world. Our local partners know the customer and the market and we have the material knowledge and production capacity to devise and produce a smart solution! Because we want to grow further and our product range is becoming more and more extensive and specialized, we are constantly looking for dealers/distributors/ partners around the world.

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For which products are we looking for distributors/ dealers/ resellers?

We are looking for distributors, dealers and resellers for our industrial products and solutions.

Examples of these products can be found on our website: industry

There are a lot of diverse products and solutions on display here - often custom solutions that we also offer through our partners - but we are specifically looking for distributors who want to include at least one or more of the following product groups in their lineup:

1. Inflatable (chimney) valves

Our unique inflatable, heat-resistant chimney valves can save a lot of energy and thus reduce CO2 emissions.

On our website you can see an example of a project where our chimney damper has been applied, with which a huge saving of energy and CO2 emissions can be achieved.

Chimney valves

2. Inflatable floats

We are among the four largest manufacturers of inflatable buoyancy units (IBUs). Most of our standard buoyancy units are sold through our distributors/dealers/resellers.

Inflatable floats

3. Mobile liquid-tight floors

With our mobile lightweight liquid-proof folding floors, soil contamination is easily and inexpensively prevented. We can supply floors in virtually any specification in terms of resistance to the chemicals used. We make the floors to order.

Mobile liquid-tight floors

4. Lifting bags

We are the world's largest manufacturer of low pressure (up to 1 bar) lifting cushions and so-called catch bags/ catch cushions/ landing bags. A large part of our range of lifting cushions is marketed by our partners around the world.

Lifting bags

What does our ideal distributor/dealer/reseller look like?

We have distributors/ dealers/ resellers all over the world, from small (sole proprietorship) to large, who sell a single product from our range or market combinations of our products.

It is important for us that a distributor/dealer/reseller has a good network in the market segment for which we offer solutions. It is also important that our partners are technically oriented, service-oriented and experienced: we make and deliver technical products, where thinking along with the customer and good technical advice are important. A partner of ours must also be able to assist the end user operationally and in practice, for example with sound advice or (assistance with) assembly.

Examples of distributors/ dealers/ resellers working with us:

  • Germany: a company selling salvage equipment is dealer of our catcbags and lifting cushions for the German market;
  • Germany: a company selling products for the agricultural sector is a dealer of our mobile liquid-proof floors for the German market;
  • USA: a company that sells and rents a complete range of tools for divers and diving companies sells our inflatable buoyancy cushions;
  • USA: a company that sells tools for (cargo) car recovery, sells our catch bags/landing bags;
  • France: our partner focuses entirely on the sale of almost the entire product range of Buitink Technology;
  • Japan: a company that sells salvage vehicles and tools for (cargo) car salvage, sells our catchbags/ landing bags.

FAQ distributor/ dealer/ reseller

For which countries are you looking for distributors/ dealers/ resellers?

We are looking for distributors/ dealers/ resellers all over the world, so basically all countries are of interest to us. Even in countries where we are already active, there will often be room for more partners focusing on other products/ markets/ market segments.

Dealers/ distributeurs gezocht

In which countries are you already active with distributors/ dealers/ resellers?

We operate with local partners in the following countries, among others: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, United States, Jersey, Hong Kong, and Poland.

Dealers/ distributeurs gezocht

This certainly does not mean that we are no longer looking for distributors/ dealers/ resellers in these countries!

There are one or sometimes two partners of ours operating in each country, moving in very different market niches or regions. In the United States, for example, we have two distributors: one that sells our lifting cushions and catchbags and the other that focuses entirely on our underwater cushions/ buoyancy systems.

There is almost always room in a country for multiple partners, who can again focus on a completely different region or different products of ours and develop their own market.

For which products are you looking for distributors/ dealers/ resellers?

We are looking for distributors/ dealers/ partners for the industrial products we make. Basically this includes all possible products that you can find on our website under industry.

This also includes customized products.

Primarily, however, we are looking for partners who want to market the following industrial products/product groups for us in local markets:

  • Inflatable (chimney) valves
  • Inflatable floats
  • Mobile liquid-tight floors
  • Lift cushions

Who can I contact if I want to become a distributor/ dealer/ reseller or receive more information about it?

In that case, you can contact Jan van de Weerd, who is responsible for Business Development within Buitink Technology. You can contact him by phone or email.

Jan van de Weerd

Jan van de Weerd
Sales/ business development

[email protected]

Mobile: +31 (0)6 20 37 64 95
Telephone: 0316-25 08 30

Why are Buitink Technology products bought by foreign customers?

Buitink Technology develops and makes in-house lightweight, smart products and solutions from tarpaulin, foil or technical textiles that are often not or difficult to obtain locally. We focus on very specific market niches, for which there appears to be a global market.

Moreover, our products are often prefabricated, plug-and-play, very lightweight and very compact to transport and the cost of transportation is relatively low.

On top of this, we are constantly innovating and improving our products and product range. Many of these smart solutions lead to more sustainability and reduction of CO2 footprints for our clients.

Moreover, we control all the links in the chain. From the translation of a problem into a solution by our engineers, to production and possibly installation, demonstration or supervision by our own team anywhere in the world.


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