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Materials for expansion joints

Many types of materials can be applied in the production of fabric expansion joints.

Materials of construction selection for fabric expansion joints

To select the proper material of construction we examine your specific type of application. The following aspects are taken into account:

  • Composition of the fluids in contact with the expansion joint (proper chemical resistance of the fabric);
  • Minimum and maximum temperature of the fluid;
  • Pressure or vacuum in the system (so the load of the system);
  • maximum and minimum environmental temperature;
  • Type of mechanical motion to be compensated (movement, vibration, motion, applied forces), should the material applied be kink resistant?;
  • The scale of movement, vibration and/or motion;
  • Climate conditions (inside/outside, humidity, weather conditions, UV-radiation, etc);
  • Any other mechanical loads on the fabric expansion joints;
  • Requirements based on air- and liquid densities;
  • Installation requirements and - space as well as accessibility;
  • Desired or required life time?

Materials of construction for fabric expansion joints

Most common materials we use to make sleeves and fabric expansion joints are collected in the following listing.

More explanation and info about the specified material, area of application and properties is found by clicking on the link  next to the material.

We like to advise you to select the proper material for your fabric expansion joint!

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