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Mobile inflatable sound barriers

Buitink technology has developed a new concept for a mobile inflatable noise screen.

Limiting noise pollution

These soundproof panels are flexible, easy to transport and very simple to set up and assemble.

Especially in situations where noise has to be limited temporarily, our panels are the ideal solution. Think of the limitation of noise pollution during pile driving, drilling, construction site activities, etc.

Operation and possibilities

This mobile, soundproof, inflatable noise barrier consists of a two-layered tarpaulin that can be inflated or, for example, filled with water (to obtain extremely good sound insulation). You can also choose to have an extra layer of acoustic foamed PVC cloth on the front and/or back. Or for example (de-mountable) flexible covers of canvas filled with a sound-absorbing material (such as polyester wool).

The panels must be attached to a structure which can absorb the wind loads.

Sizes of mobile noise barrier

The panels can be fully customized and tailored to your specific requirements (such as the construction to which the panels must be attached). It is also possible to have panels with dimensions of, for example, 12 x 12 meters (the supporting structure must, of course, be able to absorb the wind loads).

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