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Westraven facade cladding

Buitink Technology has replaced the textile facade cladding systems on the Westraven building in Utrecht.

The project includes a total of 179 facade cloths, the longest of which stretches no less than 53 meters (in a single length without welds).

For the replacement of the facade cladding, Buitink Technology carried out the complete engineering, developed a new tensioning system and selected and applied a high quality mesh fabric so that the current facade will last for decades.

Project data

179 facade cloths, total area +/- 10,000 m2
Fabric: Serge Ferrari Frontside view 381 | Specs >
Client: Rijksvastgoedbedrijf
Main contractor: BAM Construction & Engineering BV
Architect: Cepezed
Consultant: Peutz
Textile facade cladding system: Buitink Technology
Completion: 2020

Illustration facade cladding

Illustration facade cladding

Detailing of facade cladding system

Detailing of facade cladding system


Griffioenlaan, Utrecht

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