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Textile facade for CO2 reductor

Buitink Technology was commissioned by VO2 Cleanup One BV to carry out the technical design, delivery and assembly of the textile facade for the newly developed and built CO2 Reductor.

A textile facade was chosen for aesthetic reasons, but also because the facade needed to be permeable/open in order to extract the CO2 from the ambient air.

Project data

Material tensioning system: Aluminium, 2-laagsgepoedercoat met rvs spanveren
Material cloths: Frontside View 381-3109 ash blond, Serge Ferrari
CO2 Cleanup One BV
Architect: Van Schie Architecten, Oegstgeest
Textile facade: Buitink Technology
Completion: 2023

Textile facade for CO2 reductor

From production to assembly textile facade

Location CO2 reducer Alkmaar

Boekelerdijk 21 | 1812 LV  | Alkmaar | Nederland

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