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Sliding curtains for protection against wind and rain

For the new building of the assistance point road maintenance's at Hoofddorp, Buitink-Technology has realized a double set of sliding curtains with the corresponding rail-system.

The project consisted in the enclosing of two hangar for the maintenance machines.

Implementation of the curtain

Both hangars need to be easily accessible in case of ice on the roads. For this reason the client opted for a system of sliding curtains where the closing is to be done with inox tensors that are quick to position either open or close.  The mesh fabric was chosen in order to provide enough light inside the hangars but to still protect the inner space form wind and rain. The fabric is strong, with little embodied energy and fire resistant. Buitink Technology has also realized the orange print on the curtain which are provided with a polyester mesh fabric with pvc coat.

For this project 335 m of sliding curtains were installed for both hangars together. The height of the hangars is about 4,5 m.

Project data

Architect: BRTA Architects, Alkmaar
Main constructor: Visser en Mol, Hoogkarspel
Sliding curtains: Buitink technology, Duiven
Year of implementation: 2007

Multiple locations

In addition to the sliding curtains in Hoofddorp we now have installed this system on multiple locations. Below you will find these projects some photos:

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