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On behalf of d=3 Buitink Technology supplied for Sony at IBC 2010 in Amsterdam (RAI) inflatable padded walls. The design of d = 3 is inspired by the inflatable ETFE skin of the National Aquatics Centre in Beijing (China ).

ETFE foil has been chosen due to its high strength and durability of the material. The material is extremely light (limited quantity of materials needed), has a very long life cycle and can be recycled completely (to the same high quality product). Total surface area of the walls is about 250 sqm. The outer layer is made ​​of white ETFE foil (in order to obtain the desired lighting effects) and the inner layer of transparent ETFE foil.

Project data

Architect: Rudy Uytenhaak Architect office BV
Client: d = 3
Architect: d = 3
ETFE inflatable walls: Buitink Technology
Year of implementation: 2010


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