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Facade cladding This Is Holland pavilion

On behalf of  J.P. van Eesteren Buitink Technology provided and installed a facade cladding for the pavilion "This is Holland" in Amsterdam.

Tensioned facade textile

Buitink glued a layer of waterproof vapor penetrable foil (Stamisol Color) on the back wall and installed on top of that a tensioned textile cladding made of canvas gauze.

This tensioned facade covering of  Serge Ferrari's FT381 has a weak double curvature and mounted in such a way that the surface gets a "facet" appearance.

Function pavilion

The pavilion has an educative entertainment function: a panoramic flight simulator, where motion technology and 3-D simulation are combined.

Experience a unique flight experience along the most important "must sees" of Holland.

Project data

Material: Stamisol Color van Serge Ferrari
  FT381 van Serge Ferrari
Client: This is Holland BV
Design/architect: Mopet Architecten
Main contractor: J.P. van Eesteren
Facade covering: Buitink Technology
Year of implementation: 2017


Location This is Holland pavilion


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